See you again my Boston!

I hate to say goodbye to you and all my beloved people in America but I have to right now. Why did it rain all last night and this early morning when I was heading to the airport? Please smile when we say goodbye, so do I. I won’t cry because you are always in my heart, always Boston.

Thank you so much for hosting me warmly and nicely during the last two years. You made my American journey memorable and enjoyable. You helped me explore myself and prove that I was born to be a journalist. You made my two passing years one of the most brilliant chapters in my life. Thank you Boston.

On my way to the Logan International Airport.

On my way to the Logan International Airport.

I am grateful to the Fulbright Program,  IIE, ILI of Massachusetts, Emerson College, The Christian Science Monitor, GateHouse Media, all my professors, all my editors, all my classmates, all my friends, all my colleagues and all the people I have met and worked with for enabling me to fulfilling my dream: studying at the birthplace of American journalism. I treasure the great opportunity you granted to me and have enjoyed every single day since my first arrival in America July 29, 2011.

Goodbye Boston, Goodbye America, Goodbye all my dear people I have met in the Unites States. I will miss you all but I believe we will see each other again. I will look forward to meeting you all.

Boston, you are always in my heart. Please be strong always, my dearest Boston. And wait for me.

With best love,


(At the Logan International Airport, 9:35 a.m.)

Aboard now.

Aboard now.


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