I met him, President Obama

Tonight, I tried hard focusing on writing the 1,500-word profile story, the most challenging one I’ve written. Still I failed over and over again. I couldn’t help turning on CNN. The world is watching the American Election Night. How could I miss the tug of war between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, especially I’m here in America?

Victorious Obama celebrates his re-election in his Chicago headquarters. Photo by CNN

Early results coming out at 9 p.m. made me nervous. My heartbeats only returned normal when the electoral votes Barack Obama gained were approaching the 270 mark. CNN.com shows 246/191, 251/201 and 274/201 and now 303/206. He is officially re-elected for another four years. Congrats Mr. President and Goodbye Governor Romney!

You made the history again, Mr. President.

What’s going on tonight reminds me much of the October day my two classmates Katie, Morgan, two undergraduate journalism students and I went to Manchester, New Hampshire to attend his campaign rally. It was like a dream. I didn’t dear to dream of meeting him let alone photographing him from a very close distance next to dozens of professional reporters as a White House reporter. I have been thankful to Katie for offering me such a great privilege and teaching me how to capture good shots.

Standing waiting for him to show up at jam-packed Veterans Memorial Park on Thursday 10-18, I expected to see him in a business suit and escorted to the central stage. He surprised me (and maybe many of nearly 6,000 people then) by walking on his own to the podium and dressing simple in a white shirt.

The press is allowed to enter the park at 8 a.m, one hour before the voters. We stands across from the central stage.

The Veterans Memorial Park is jam-packed with nearly 6,000 voters. The seats right behind the podium are only filled after there is no room in the park.

The Manchester police are tightening security arrangement in and around the park and to the sky.

This kid tries to catch the attention of the press by holding his self-designed poster, which reads “Vote for Obama”.

The park echoes with “Obama + Biden, Four more years.”

“NH4Obama” stands for “New Hampshire for Obama”.

It’s 12 p.m. and the crowd is still awaiting for President Obama in patience. He shows up two minutes later.

In a white shirt with a blue cravat, he has a well-received speech lasting 27 minutes.

After his speech, he goes to the audience and has handshakes.

Today’s memories will never fade in my mind.

We stop by Wendy’s to have our late lunch before heading back to Boston.

I finish this entry while President Barak Obama is celebrating his re-election with a call for unity from his Chicago headquarters. I often enjoy watching his speech which is empowering and inspiring, and always ends with “Thank you America, God bless you. God bless the United States.

I wish to have a chance to take his photos again.

(America’s Election Night, November/6/2012)


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