I have a happy Halloween

On the Halloween Day, I decided to return to Salem, known as the Witch city, to immerse myself in the festival of the Dead. Last weekend, I went there for the first time and I didn’t enjoy at all because then I had to do reporting for my Halloween story.

All I can say is that the old city of more than 41,000 is the best place to celebrate Halloween. It is the only place where crazy Halloween fans dress up in the most ghoulish, disgusting and funny way. I would be regretful if I hadn’t been on Halloween Night.

On the way to Salem, I got an email from my professor who said my Halloween story was published on Boston.com, a 24-hour breaking news and sports with coverage from The Boston Globe. I must share this great news to my two subjects: Tobias and Dave, two makeup artists of Nightmare Factory in Salem.

           The North Station in Boston were jam-packed with Halloween fans. $10 for a round trip but a woman on the train overcharged me 9.75 for a one-way trip.


                      Just want to make sure that my slash looks scary enough.


                                                     She ate my neck.

                                  Don’t be afraid, I’m a gentleman.

                       “Tobias, guess what, you are featured on Boston.com today.”

                    “You must do something ghoulish, babe. Today is Halloween.”

                       Another zombie makeup done by Tobias. I’m happy to meet her again.


                                        I can’t recognize myself.


                                                       I’m an alien.


                                      My home town is the Red Planet.


                                    The gladiator escorts the princess.


                                           Another victim of the witch.


              “Tobias, this Halloween, I worked less but earned more than last Halloween,” – said Steve who masqueraded as Kurt Barlow, a fictional character in Stephen King’s 1975 horror novel “Salem’s Lot.”


                 “Tobias, please one slash and three scratches on my cheeks.”


                                               “Get back.”

                                  “Happy Halloween everybody. Thank you.”


                      Back to the Salem’s 13 Ghosts for a haunted house tour.


                        I can’t miss the Salem Maritime National Historic Site again.


                                           This pirate is the most gentle one.


                                 “Don’t be scary. We just returned from the hell.”


                  Such friendly policemen in front of Salem Witch Museum – presents the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, one of the most important and tragic events in American history


          About 175 police officers were patrolling on foot, motorcycle, bicycle, all-terrain vehicles, and horseback to control crowds.


                                 A way to celebrate Halloween.


      Live concert at Salem Common Playground across from Salem Witch Museum.


                                  Zipper on my face. I did it by myself at home.


                 Your cone hat is very popular in my country. It is called “non la.”


             Dave – the second subject of mine – returned to Providence, Rhode Island and his boss, Marshall, does his job.

                                                A makeup done by Marshall.


                             What happened to this bride and groom?


                                                 “Can I sit next to you?”


                                   I wished I could have walked faster.


                               They are making a spine-chilling sound.


                                    “Give me all your cash or I will kill you?”


                                      “Please help my husband.”


                                     “You can call me a wolf.”


                                               “Trick or treat.”


          His job is to give balloons to kids. He prefers to be called “Balloon Man.”


                                   We are still well-matched.


                                        A Halloween kiss.

                                                      Halloween night can’t lack live music.


                   “Hurricane Sandy keeps customers away from my shop.”

                                                A nice decoration.


                        Don’t scare me. Now I know you aren’t the ghost.


                            Halloween fans keep flocking to Salem.


                 After the fireworks at 10:20. Don’t forget to take the last train home.


                          Another way to celebrate Halloween.

            I left Salem at 8 p.m. I didn’t clean my face when I came to South Station to pick up my friend from New York. I didn’t think my scratched face startled her. But I did.

(Salem, October 31/2012)


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