Enjoy leaf peeping from home

Boston is anticipating Hurricane Sandy. It drizzles. It’s murky. It’s a bit windy. Everything looks peaceful outside my room. Though worrying about the possible arrival of the hurricane, I feel warm inside.

Sitting on my bed with my hands typing on the laptop, I can’t help looking through the window and enjoying the fall foliage. I feel lucky that my room overlooks back yards of three houses and a small park featuring a lawn and lined with trees.

What I see is picturesque leaf peeping. The falling colorful leaves fill the lawn, gradually  replacing its green color. Some leaves are saying goodbye to their trees, finding their way to the lawn thanks to the help of the blowing breeze. I feel no need to return to Vermont again. I can’t help recording what I’m enjoying because I’m afraid that Hurricane Sandy might destroy that natural beauty tomorrow, and because I might not have a chance to enjoy the next fall.

It’s nearly 6 p.m. now. Have looked the colorful foliage more than an hour, I don’t feel bored at all. Twilight, I hope, you would delay your appearance a little bit. Why do you come that soon? Winter hasn’t come yet. Daylight Saving Time doesn’t end until next weekend — at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012.

(At home, October/28/2012)


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