Lieutenant Governor Timothy

Lieutenant Governor Timothy with Asimov

Thanks to his master’s effort, Cat Asimov becomes famous on Facebook and among Seek Books customers.

When I first entered a bookstore in West Roxbury in Boston three days ago, I noticed a good-looking cat with only one color: white and two eyes in different colors lying near the door. His master, the owner at the Seek Books, said he is named Asimov and he has a facebook and a blog. The rescue cat, as his master told me, might be one of few cats in Massachusetts lucky to meet the Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray.

Cat Asimov seemed enjoyable when the Massashusetts Lieutenant Governor Timothy stroked him.

He highly enjoyed himself. What did he think then? Maybe, “Time, please stops for a while.”

Witnessing his sudden attitude change toward the Lieutenant Governor Timothy, I knew I misread his mind.

Did he play with the Lieutenant Governor Timothy? I didn’t think so. Now I understand why his master said he is infamous, too.

When Cat Asimov alone

Be careful if you want to play with him because he might bite you.

It was uneasy to win trust from Cat Asimov in the first meeting. He seemed a little uncomfortable in my embrace.


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