Big driving shoe

Big boot on car!

The boot is 13 feet high, L.L.Bean said. Photo: Chau Mai

This morning, I was almost running late for my make-up class at 11. When I got out of the Boylston Outbound Station in the Boston Common Park, I saw the big boot. It was a nice surprise to me. Actually, it is the biggest boot I have ever seen. I looked my watch to see if I had enough time for photography. It was 10:50 a.m. It was not too bad because I just need five minutes to go to the class which is right across the park.

While I was taking photos of the boot, a woman approached me and offered to take photos for me. Wow, she was so nice because she could read my mind. I was so thankful to her. She took three photos and asked me  if I liked them. I asked her a couple of questions – my professional habit – such as how long did it take to make this boot?; how high is the boot?; how much does it cost? She said she had no idea though I bet she worked for the boot producer. She gave me a leaflet and asked me if I liked the boot, please post my picture with the shoe on the company’s facebook page -www.facebook/llbean.

I wished I could have put my foot on this boot. Photo: A person of L.L.Bean

When I came to the class, it was exactly 11. I was so excited that I couldn’t help sharing what I saw in the park with my classmate while we were studying. Before I run for school I asked the woman how long the boot would stay in the park because I would tell my classmates to come to see it. She said it would be in the park until 2 p.m. I said to myself that I would come to see it again during the break. But unfortunately, today’s class had no break and we studied until 2:30.

When I got out of the school, I looked at the park and saw the boot. At that time, I noticed that it was actually a car. And it is called the Bootmobile.

The leaflet says L.L.Bean, the renowned Maine retailer of outdoor clothing and gear, designed this special vehicle as part of its 100th anniversary celebration. The Bootmobile road show has been held in many places in Massachusetts. Yesterday, the says, it visited Kenmore Square to help mark the Red Sox home opener. Coincidentally, this was also Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary year.

Bootmobile was in Kenmore Square in Boston yesterday. Photo: L.L.Bean

One thing I didn’t know that today Mayor of Boston Thomas M. Menino was present in the Boston Common to pronounce Boston’s Summer Kayak Series, a free program that aims to provide local children and families with the opportunity to get outside and discover a new activity this summer. No wonder I saw a lot of kayaks near the big boot.

The says the Bootmobile also is scheduled to visit Chicago, New York City, Northern Virginia, and Freeport, Maine. For every person to share a photo of the Bootmobile or share their outdoor experience, L.L.Bean will donate a dollar to the National Park Foundation, up to $1 million.

The driving shoe will stop by several cities in the U.S in next days. Photo: L.L.Bean

Sure I will share my photo with the Bootmobile on its facebook now. Today was a beautiful day with blue sky and warm weather, and I felt so lucky.

(My 229th day in the U.S)


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