Happy Women’s Day!

                 Enjoy your Day, all my ladies!

Photo: Me

I almost forgot tomorrow (3-8-2012) is the International Women’s Day, the day when no one but the fair gender expects to be offered flowers from their beloved one. This morning, I went to Shaws to buy some flowers with the hope that they can help relieve my lasting headache. When seeing flowers, out of sudden, I remember that tomorrow is our great day. I chose the tulip as a gift for myself.

Before seeing this flower, I intended to get chrysanthemum. In my country, the bright yellow flower is very popular and quite cheap which the tulip is quite rare and very costly. I was quite surprised when knowing the price of tulips is lower than that of chrysanthemum.

I wish every single day in every woman in this world is always a Women’s day. I hope all my female friends in Vietnam and America celebrate our Women’s Day with their beloved half, always enjoy their motherhood, wifehood and “sweethearthood”. I hope no man will not forget tomorrow is our day. Please do something special for your woman. And all my friends, both males and females, please do not forget to  say “Thank you” to our Mom for bring us to this fabulous world. No world can fully describe what our Mom and Dad have devotedly done for us.

Tomorrow is a special day for me because I will set foot on Denver, Colorado for a Fulbright seminar. Colorado will be the fourth state in the U.S that I arrive, after Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire.

During four days there, I will have a chance to be a Democrat and to participate in a mock President election. Not only reunite with my Vietnamese fellows, I will meet about 150 fellow Fulbrighters from other countries.  I also have a chance to tour in The Rocky Mountains and visit local families. I hope the weather there is not too cold so that I can dress up with our traditional Ao dai.

I feel so thrilled before my trip to Denver early tomorrow morning.

(My 192nd day in America)


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