Hello Boston Snow

Hello Boston Snow

Such a picturesque snow fall. Photo: Chau Mai

Witnessing the snow falling cats and dogs this afternoon, my mind out of sudden became nearly empty. Only such words: terrific, wonderful, fabulous, dreamy… existed in my brain. I was so surprised to see the snow fall. It was because I have been waiting for it so long that I feel quite disappointed to see the winter running its course. I was kind of regretful because it was snowing when I was back to Vietnam during the winter break.

About 1:30 p.m. today, I walked out of my class and heard my professor said the snow might be falling outside. I tried to make my way downstairs because I cannot believe what I just heard. It was just like a dream to see the snow falling so heavily and soon blanketed the whole park of Boston Common across from my Emerson College.

After returning from the Spring Internship Fair next to my school one and a half hour, I was so excited to see the snow building up everywhere around me, which was quite thick. I spent hours in the park to enjoy the snow, walking in the snow, seeing many people also look as enjoyable as me. I felt so lucky to meet a fellow Fulbrighter, also my school-mate, who also was there to take snow photos. Without his help, I did not think I can have more great photos in the snow after my classmate took some for me when I first saw the snow fall at school.

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Yesterday, my school sent us an email about the inclement weather policy. Reading that email, I thought so simply it was just a new policy that needs to be known among students, faculties and staff. Last night, as usual I read a weather forecast on my iPhone before going to my bed, I learned it would snow today. But, honestly, I did not expect the true snow fall at all because I saw some snow falls in Boston but I did not think they was actual snow, just snow flakes.

At last, I was able to see the real snow in Boston, and have experienced what Bostonians get sick of, fed up with… every winter.

I hope the snow blanket in the Boston Common Park will still exist when I get back to class tomorrow morning. At least I learn, one school in Massachusetts, will close tomorrow because it said Thursday will be a snow day. However, just looking at the weather forecast on my desktop, I don’t see any snow fall now and tomorrow.

Maybe today’s snow fall was designed only for me as a hello to a foreigner who usually wished to witness an actual snow fall at least once during my stay in Boston. I don’t understand why I have the feeling that the current snow fall is the farewell of this year’s winter to all Bostonians. The spring perhaps is about to show up because today, I and my classmates all said “Happy Spring Break” to my professor. I have only one class left before enjoying the one-week spring break when I will fly to Denver, Colorado, a renowned destination for skiing.

In case of emergency in the snow, hit a button on this newly- erected post.

Yes, perhaps it is time for the ugly and cold winter running away and offering its seat to the good-looking spring. Since I was here, I have experienced the unexpectedly hot summer, the mildly picturesque fall and the strange winter. Spring is the only season left I have not ever seen in the United Stated. Boston is said to be in its prime only in the spring and fall. I hope to see soon the colorful bloom of one of my favorite flowers, tulip, in parks around my school.

(My 185th day in the United States)


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