It’s her job

It’s her job

Now she has to read US newspapers, especially The Boston Globe (her favorite), critically to find mistakes for her weekly assignments. Photo: Me

She was a journalist with more than a decade of years of experience. Since she was part of the Boston-based Emerson College’s journalism department, she has struggled with every class but the class of News Editing and Page Design she is taking this semester.

Her ongoing struggle can be explained by the fact that journalism was not her major in college, and though she was a journalist in her city, she had not ever gone to the street to do reporting, interviewing let alone doing beat reporting.

But her job was copyediting. She worked as a copyeditor since 2003 after three years of joining the press which she worked as a journalist of international news, using all sources from online foreign newspapers. Needless to say, how eager and enjoyable she is whenever she is in the evening class of News Editing and Page Design taught by a well-experienced editor at The Providence in Rhode Island, a neighbor of Massachusetts.

No one ever taught her how to do copyediting because at the time, there was no copyeditor in her department which was actually just a group of a few graduates of English language. Her group was under direct control of a deputy-in-chief whom she admired the most because of his expertise and credentials. But she was not his first choice.

At first, she learned to copyedit her own stories because she wanted to better them, and because the pages conducted by her group and other pages were always full of mistakes. The more she learned how to copyedit, the more interested she was in copyediting. At last, her patience and diligence paid her off; she became a trainee editor and then assignment editor.

It would be very shameful for her if she would not do well in her class of News Editing and Page Design. Last evening, she was so glad that all her three mistake assignments gained the maximum grades. Her professor said to her that she did a nice job. During the class, she was also complimented on her copyediting of her classmate’s work. She did well because she has a lot of experience in copyediting. The only difference is that she has to copyedit stories in English and find mistakes on American newspapers.

Yesterday was also a special day to her when after several days of waiting and sending three continuous emails, a senior editor at The Boston Globe replied to her questions and she interviewed him several follow-up questions instantly via emails. Her patience once again paid her off. She was so happy that she emailed her professor who referred her to that editor and he replied: “That is wonderful.”

It was right before noon. She was over the moon as if some one had offered her a ton of diamonds. She wished she could have been able to shout joyfully in her school’s library. She learned a lot from his experience and hoped some day she would become a well-respected editor like him. She finished his 800-word profile just in three hours, her new record of writing. What made her glad was that she did not blow the deadline.

She knows well that she must become healthy again soon to keep trying her utmost to do well in all her three classes this second semester, especially mastering English to improve her copyediting. She keeps talking to herself “Never ever be subjective and overconfident because they will bury you soon, Chau.”

(My 164th day in the U.S)


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