Only Professors and Me

Only Professors and Me

I am well aware that I am a very low-tech person. Since entering Emerson College last September, I have taken advantages of any workshop on high-tech tools offered by my school to improve my multimedia skills.

Getting back to school two weeks later than my classmates, I missed the class of Final Cut Pro, a sophisticated video editing program made by Apple for multimedia journalists. Luckily, two days ago, my professor emailed us about the availability of a workshop on Final Cut Pro and said there are two or three seats left. Needless to say, I replied him immediately.

Yesterday, coming to the familiar room 638, I was so surprised to find I was the first to come although at the time, it was 9:50 a.m. A few minutes later, a well-built man came and said “hello.” My feeling told me that he was the instructor whose name is Satch, the technology director at Emerson College. It was nearly 10 a.m. and just only he and I were in the lab.

While he asked me to open the computer, two professors came. At first, I thought they just stopped by to say “hi” to Satch. But, they took a seat across from my computer and started the computers in front of them. Satch told them what he just told me to do: go to our department’s website.

About ten minutes after the class began, another professor came and he was the last to join. Totally, there are 3 professors, 1 instructor and me, a student. I said “hello” to a newcomer and talked to him a bit because he sat near me. I learned that he was a professor in our department. Like us, he also came to learn how to use Final Cut Pro.

Before teaching us how to use Final Cut Pro, Satch spent more than 30 minutes to guide us to use Audacity, an audio editing program. Satch was so attentive to help me understand what he guided. After his class, I felt more technologically confident.

Yesterday’s class reminded me of the day in October when I came to the workshop of Adobe Photoshop and so surprised to find that I was the only one to join. Despite having only me, the young instructor guided me very attentively how to use Photoshop which honestly, I studied in class before but did not absorb thoroughly.

Thanks to attending several high-tech workshops at school, I was able to build my own page,, right after my Fall semester ended without any external help.

This semester, I will try to spend time for such free-of-charge workshops to eradicate completely my ignorance of multimedia skills.

(My 160th day in the U.S)


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