CNN and Telegraph

CNN and Telegraph:


 Soccer riot in Egypt

Al-Masry fans chase Al-Ahly players during riots that erupted after the football match. Photo: CNN

I started my Thursday by updating what was going on across the world on Catching my eyes was the news about the Egypt soccer riot which is also covered on and countless other websites.

I preferred the way the U.S news channel website displayed its package on the Egypt’s worst football violence that killed more than 70 people.

First, CNN uses a catchier and more informative headline: “Anger flares in Egypt after 79 die in soccer riot” than the headline “Egypt football riot: Hosni Mubarak supporters blamed for Port Said football tragedy” on Telegraph.

CNN and Telegraph also differ in starting their stories. While the U.K daily newspaper begins with a video “Thousands invade pitch in Port Said”, and inserts three photos and three other videos, CNN starts its package with a slideshow “Scored dead in Egypt soccer riot” followed by three self-made videos.

I disliked Telegraph’s package because all its videos were not in English because they were taken from local televisions. Though there are some captions in English, I found it so difficult to understand its videos. Also, all its photos are displayed without any caption.

One of the three photos without captions on Telegraph.

Meanwhile, all CNN’s videos are in English and so informative because they contain live interviews with its reporters on the spot. Its slideshow displays detailed captions as well.

Though Telegraph’s package has more videos, CNN’s videos are longer with 6.3 minutes in total compared with 4.43 minutes of those on Telegraph. Also, Telegraph provides three photos while CNN’s slideshow displays up to 13 informative ones. Generally speaking, CNN’s multimedia contents are more informative and professional than Telegraph’s.

I preferred the CNN’s story also because it uses more sources with totally five ones and is contributed by its two reporters in Egypt. Meanwhile, the Telegraph’s story is made by one reporter in Cairo who used just three sources.


(My 159th day in the U.S)


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