Not prepared at all

Not prepared at all


In the eyes of my people, I have been a strong woman. Actually, I am not that strong, especially right now.

The first time I learned the phrase “hope for the best and plan for the worst” was when I waited for the final result of my Fulbright application. Now, I had to master and re-do it strongly.

I wish I could tell my people that I do need them every moment of my life, especially this time.

I always like to tell them the truth but now I have to learn to tell it softly because I do want them to fully enjoy our Tet (Lunar New Year), which is coming so soon.

I asked myself so many times if I was right or wrong to go to that place. Maybe I am so right.

The day before yesterday, my close friends might be quite upset when I did not attend their planned party for me. My feeling told me that I should prioritize on going to that place.

I dislike making short-term plans but now I should make both them and long-term ones.

I should have planned for unexpected challenges. I thought God just wanted to test my patience. What I need to do now is to prove my stubbornness.

Not only always hope the best for my people, now I start to hope for myself. My only hope is to be able to return to Boston to complete my journey.

Out of sudden, I remember what my dear roommate usually told me. She said “God… ”

I hope to see her, my friends and classmates again soon. I miss them all.

(18th day of my trip back to Vietnam, 23rd lunar December 2011)


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