Feeling like home

Feeling like home

There are a bunch of hydrangea in Janice's garden.

Before my arrival to the U.S, I was so afraid that I would indulge in serious homesickness because this is the very first time in my life I set foot out of Vietnam and has lived so far away from my beloved people.

How can I bear the feeling of missing them, my home and my favorite Vietnamese foods? This question lingered in my mind during my last days in Vietnam.

I was quite startled when some one asked me whether I had felt homesick since I was in this beautiful Western region of Massachusetts.

To be honest, I have not had any nostalgia at all. Why? Am I cold hearted or too busy to think of my dear relatives and friends at home?

Not at all. My people in Vietnam are always in my heart and my mind. And I don’t feel blue whenever thinking of them thanks to my being hosted by Janice.

Never had I imaged that when I was in America, I would live in the house, which had so many, thins in common with my home in Vietnam.

Like my home in Can Tho, Janice’s also features a golden fishpond and a gazebo in the lush yard.

The back yard is home to many kinds of familiar vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, basil and my favorite flower – hydrangea (hoa cẩm tú cầu).

One of my beloved hobbies at Janice’s house is to live on the couch in the gazebo and indulge in my favorite self-help books.


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