Wish and Hope

Wish and Hope


          I wish I could fly back to my home country every day just to see my dear people and enjoy my uniquely tasty Vietnamese cuisine.

          I hope I can meet again all my people after exactly 5 months of living so far away from them.

          I hope I will come back here soon to complete my committed journey in Boston.

          I wish I could stay young forever and will never move into tears.

          I hope I will keep smiling and strongly getting over all challenges in my life.

          I wish I would never leave this beautiful world, and travel around the earth.

          I hope I can be always healthy to realize all my targets and make my people happy all the time.

          I wish I could introduce Vietnamese foods to every place I set foot on.

          I hope I can enjoy as much Vietnamese food as I can when I get home to make up for the last days before my first trip to America when I could not eat my favorite dishes as much as I can.  

          I wish I could say to every one I meet that the most important and happiest thing in life is to live.

          I hope I will keep enjoying every single day in my life and extending my helping hands to those who need my help.

          I wish my writings would be able to draw every reader, and they would comment on my stories to help me better my storytelling skills.

          I hope I can tell some one that “please believe me I will always be an ethical journalist who just tells the truth accurately and fairly and always respects people’s privacy.”

          I wish I could have understood all the meanings of the silence.

          I hope I can stop thinking for a while and be silent for a moment just to have peace in my mind for a second.

            Just a few minutes before my first trip back home


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